From the outset Giulio Beltramo has been influenced strongly by the alternative music genre, in its allowance of expressive lyrics and more explorative melodic and harmonic composition, coupled with his classical music background and fascination in the arts, Giulio presents a multifaceted body of authentically unique music. Giulio has been steadily growing his audience and fan base, and sits eagerly on the cusp of the release of his fourth body of work. 
Giulio Beltramo’s debut EP is set to be released later this Summer. 

Giulio Beltramo’s latest releases, “Play This Game”,  “Heartbreak I’ve Become” and “What A Mess” found their place in Spotify’s Chilled Vibes  playlist at the tailend of 2019. The singles have garnered over 63,5K Spotify streams & 89k Apple Music streams to date and created a hunger in Giulio to continue experimenting with his sound and vulnerability in lyrics. The 21-year-old artist has also garnered over 1K radio spins worldwide to date and has appeared in numerous television features in his hometown.  

“Wearing Down My Soul” tells the story of feeling so in love with someone that you feel like you’re flying, but they drop you as if there was no history at all. Serving as the first release from his upcoming EP, Giulio sings of the frustrations associated with knowing your worth, but not finding the one to reciprocate quite yet. However, Giulio chooses to not only acknowledge the moment of pain, but to learn and grow from it. Instilling the confidence in himself that he deserves, Giulio provides listeners with a boost in morale and hope for what’s to come in “Wearing Down My Soul.” 

Wearing Down My Soul

Friday the 20th of September. 11:45pm.

She finally stops shouting at me. The silence sat so evidently I could hear the whispers of the engine cooling down.

Five, six, seven odd moments pass and still nothing. Both our heads angled so stiffly forward the mere twitch of a muscle would have resulted in a neck spasm.

My grip so tight I found myself indenting fingerprints into the steering wheel. Feet shaking on the dormant pedals. 

Her lips sat apart. Quivering as the last few burst of rage exited her body. And with every breath she exhaled, the words she had burned into me stung ever so much more. 

PAUSE! I feel I ought to clarify one tincy wincy preconception you might have had. No! This is not your bog standard heterosexual rom-com breakup scene, I am in fact a otherwise inclined and she had No romantic inclings towards me What so ever anyhow! (Okay, back to the story though)

The silence was broken by the shuffle of her feet against the car’s felt floor mat. The door opened. My eyes had started dancing around their sockets not knowing where to look, creeping with all fathomable effort to get one last look. But my neck abstained, holding its forthright position with stubborn fortitude. 

Slam. The door shut. Awkwardly louder than usual. Not in dramatic proclamation, but because she had forgotten about the last pumps of adrenaline through her arms. Also, because she probably forgot the weight of a pretty average car door

My hand shakes on the keys. Switch. Balance. Press. Accelerate. Too much. Screech! The tires scream as they fight the floor. My cheeks blister crimson red. Thank god for the mask the night light gave me. 

And just like that, a mountain shrinks to a molehill in the reflection of my mirrors. But the thumping in my heart certainly does not follow suit with the pit in my stomach becoming an endless abyss. 

In all this chaos, disbelief, and utter numbness my lips fathom the courage to proclaim, in a moment of unexpected introspection, that “these shoes are in control, and it’s wearing down my soul”. 

This is the beginning of the whole half story