Giulio Beltramo is an alternative/acoustic singer-songwriter based in Cape Town. With two independent releases; his Debut Album Upside Down Inside Out and latest single What A Mess. (recorded both at Popsicle Studios). A unique alternative tone backed by classical training with contemporary influence grounds the 19-year-old newly on the music scene. 

"Music has always been part of my life, starting off with the violin when I was 5. This year (2017) I decided that after wanting to do it for a while, I was going to record an album. It has been an amazing opportunity and I'm so excited for all that is to come. The album features vocals, guitar, bass, piano and drums, and in one track I actually perform the violin part. This music is influenced by all the ups and downs of my life, expressing my internal and external emotions and mental state of mind. In essence I see it as a diary or journal of my life and existence at this point in time." - Giulio Beltramo on Upside Down Inside Out

"What A Mess was written whilst I was on a tour in England, specifically London. Essentially at the core level the song is about a break up that was done in an uncourageous manner. One that was made harder due to the emotional connection that was grounded in presumed openness. My works are not however objectively specific, but rather subjectively relational, thus was inspired by numerous heart-breaking departures in my life and continues to represent a multifaceted stance towards all aspects. The multi- layered vocals allude further to the nature of multiple perspectives and narratives. The track instrumentation is vocals, guitar, piano, bass, violin and cello. Inspired by an ephemeral floating feel anchored by a mellow yet driving percussive underline"- Giulio Beltramo on What A Mess 

 This music is me, and music has made me who and what I am. It is extremely personal and expressive and every person in my life has made it what is has become. 

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